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Norton is classified as an American grape but it has many characteristics of European grapes.  The flavor is unique and very enjoyable.  Norton is very hardy and can handle everything that Kentucky can throw at it.  Fun facts: Norton was the most grown grape in the US in the 1700's and lore has it that Thomas Jefferson grew it.  It is Missouri's state grape too.  Norton is one of the darkest grapes rivalling Petite Sirah but without the heavy tannins, making it very smooth.

Norton Dry Red Wine

  • Must be 21 or older:  It is a felony to ship or receive alcohol to anyone under 21!  FedEx and UPS will require an adult signature on delivery and will not leave a package with alcohol if no one is home.  By purchasing on this site you are certifying that you are over 21 and no-one under 21 will have access to this wine.


    Ship to states: We ship to all states except: AL,DE,MS,OK, and UT.


    Shipping cost:  We provide a free approved wine shipping box for this wine, and only charge based on the estimate provided by FedEx.  Note, it is cheaper to ship to a business than a residence.

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