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White Zinfandel - Why Is It Pink?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

White Zinfandel was created in Napa Valley, California in 1975 as solution for grapes that were not completely ripe. While it is still called White Zinfandel, there are now other processes for creating it. It is not white, because it's created with a red grape!

In it's 1970's creation phase, grape farmers were looking to salvage grapes that were not quite ready, but had to be picked. In their process they created a wine that is light bodied, fruity and much more tasty to those who were not wine connoisseurs. At Wildside, we make it because it is easily approachable for any palate and it helps us to make the most of our varietals.

Zoey's White Zinfandel is made with the same grapes as our 100 year Old Vine Red Zinfandel. They are taken through the entire process of making the red wine and once that is placed into a barrel, we are left with the skins of the grapes. To create the White Zinfandel variety, we place those same skins back into a tote, add sugar and water and restart the fermentation process. The result is the light pink delicious wine you know as Zoey's White Zinfandel. It has the most floral nose of any of our varietals and includes a delicious array of fruity notes including strawberry, apple, plum and peach. It's sure to be your new favorite sweet wine. You can feel good knowing a portion of all proceeds are donated to local animal rescues and shelters.

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