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This is not your grandpa's wine (papa).  A Pawpaw is a fruit native to the midwest US.  In fact, Lewis and Clark were fed pawpaws by the American Indians on their expeditions.  Pawpaws are related to tropical fruits and the wine shares many tropical flavors of bananas, papayas, and even a little pineapple flavors.  Our Pawpaw wine is cloudy because the fruit has more protein that other fruits and if we "fine" the wine to make it clear we lose much of the delicious flavor.  So we go for leaving in all the flavor - and we think you will really appreciate it.

Pawpaw Wine

SKU: 9622080430008106703700777327245598
  • Must be 21 or older:  It is a felony to ship or receive alcohol to anyone under 21!  FedEx and UPS will require an adult signature on delivery and will not leave a package with alcohol if no one is home.  By purchasing on this site you are certifying that you are over 21 and no-one under 21 will have access to this wine.


    Ship to states: We ship to all states except: AL,DE,MS,OK, and UT. 

    Shipping cost:  We provide a free approved wine shipping box for this wine, and only charge based on the estimate provided by FedEx.  Note, it is cheaper to ship to a business than a residence.

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