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Old World Merlot

Today' we'll highlight our West Coast Series Merlot with its Old World Body created right here in Central Kentucky. Merlot as a noble Bordeaux varietal appeared in France in the 1800's, ripening early each year producing large, thin skinned fruit. Derived from the French work merle, meaning blackbird, merlot is planted in nearly every wine-producing country in the world. With lower acidity and tannins it bring a softer experience to your palate. DNA tests have shown that Merlot is descended from Cabernet Franc and it is a half-sibling of Carmenere, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

As a wildly versatile variety, Merlot can stand alone or be blended with many of its red counterparts to create many flavors. Our West Coast Merlot is a stand along varietal that is both delicious and approachable. With it's medium bodied softness, and rich notes of tobacco and cherry, it pairs well with seafood and pork. It was created to give you an Old World experience, right here in Central Kentucky.

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