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Introducing Six Feet Petite

Welcome to our very first blog post, where we are so excited to tell you about our latest addition to the Wildside Winery family - Six Feet Petite.

One of the many beauties of the wine industry is that the wine making process doesn't stop (or even slow down for that matter) even under quarantine. We knew we were going to have a couple of barrels of wine ready soon. We sampled lots of mixologies - and ended with a semi-sweet blend of Petite Sirah, Cranberry, and Raspberry.

With that in mind, I told our employees we wanted to come up with something crafty to commemorate the current pandemic. Kendall Meyers (our newest hire), sent us a list. And thus was born - Six Feet Petite.

We hope you'll enjoy this red blend of our Petite Sirah sweetened with delicious notes of Cranberry and Raspberry to be bold and smooth with a tart finish, just like Governor Beshear.

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