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Trifecta - Just in Time for Keeneland

We are so excited to release this particular wine to the public (previously exclusive to wine club members), just in time for the races this fall! It has so many special pieces and parts - we wanted to break it down for you!

As you may know, many of our dry reds come from the Lodi region of California including the three that create this delicious red blend. We began with old vine Zinfandel, meaning the vines these grapes grown on are over one hundred years old. We then blended just the right amount of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Our house Merlot has a very old world, European form, while the Cabernet fits the California tradition.

We aged this timeless trio in a Kentucky white oak barrel for one year and then cellared it for nine months. There is lots of time and love in this bottle.

Another fun piece of the Trifecta comes in the label. If you have been inside the winery in last couple of years, you might have noticed several pieces of art from local artist Enrique Gonzalez. As avid supporters of the arts, we were very excited to utilize one of his paintings as the background for this unique release.

The 2020 release was created in a true small batch form, so supplies are limited. Tantalize your tastebuds this fall with our new favorite!

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